Le Bus direct est un service de navette direct entre Paris et les aéroports CDG et ORLY

CARS AIR FRANCE becomes LE BUS DIRECT Paris Aéroport

Find all the information on the baggage handlers service by following this link.
Saturday 16 th  February 2019 : There are many operations « gilets jaunes » in Paris. There is a risk at Gare de Lyon stop Le Bus Direct. Please check our “State of network”, below, to know traffic information.


  • - Line 1: Normal service from Orly Sud, Orly Ouest, Gare Montparnasse and Etoile / Champs-Elysées.  Limited service to the Trocadero stop,passengers are recommended to use other stops.
  • - Line 2: Normal service from Roissy CDG Terminal 1, Terminal 2 E / F and Etoile / Champs-Elysées. Service for Porte Maillot, Eiffel Tower and Roissy CDG Terminal 2 stops A / C / D is limited, passengers are recommended to use other stops.
  • - Line 3: Normal service from Orly Sud, Orly West, Roissy CDG Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 E / F. Service for Roissy CDG Terminal 2 service A / C / D is limited ,passengers are recommended to use other stops.
  • - Line 4: Normal service from Roissy CDG Terminal 1, Terminal 2 E / F and Gare Montparnasse.
Shuttle service for Gare de Lyon and Roissy CDG Terminal 2 A / C / D is limited ,passengers are recommended to use other stops.
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General Terms Of Carriage


  • Your ticket must correspond to your journey.
  • You must keep your ticket intact till the end of the journey. You can be requested to show it at any time by an authorised officer.
  • If your ticket does not match your journey, you will be denied access to the service.
  • Buying tickets on-board: Be ready with your payment option (Visa, American Express, credit card, cash: in Euros only).
  • Buying tickets online: the e-ticket is valid exclusively for the route and the type of ticket selected. It is not name-specific and remains valid for one year from its date of issue. It can be presented as a hard copy using white A4-sized paper, provided that the printing size is not changed, with portrait page orientation (vertical). It can also be presented as a soft copy (Smartphone, tablet, etc.), subject to sufficient resolution to be able to read the barcode (minimum 800 pixels in length). In case of any doubt, it is best to print the hard copy.
  • The prices are established as per the existing economic conditions. The transport operator is entitled to change its fares at any time.
  • The tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable: the transport operator cannot be held liable for any changes in schedule, postponement of the journey, delays or cancellation of the others means of transport.
  • Flying Blue Gold, Club 2000 and Platinum cards: give free access, only on route no. 3 and on presentation of a valid and “physical” card (personal and named card).
  • Air France staff, subsidiaries and dependants: will have to comply with the procedure for admission on board the coach as established by Air France.
  • Air France passengers: in transit to the FOD, must have their ticket delivered by Air France.


  • Customers are responsible for their own safety. They should be seated and must fasten their seatbelts. Failing this, they may be required to pay a fine in case of any checking by law enforcement forces. The transport operator does not take any responsibility in the event of non-compliance with the seat-belt fastening rule.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take off the seat belt and/or stand up during the journey.
  • It is strictly forbidden to talk to or distract the driver during the entire journey.


  • Priority on the buses and at stops for people who have difficulty moving around: persons who have a disability card, are visually impaired, disabled persons without a card, pregnant women and persons accompanied by small children, elderly persons.
  • The front seats are reserved for them.


  • Except for persons with priority access (refer to above paragraph), there are no reserved seats on-board.
  • Boarding and deboarding from the coaches will only occur at the stops authorised by the STIF [Ile-de-France Transport Union].
  • Trips in the inner Paris area and between the air terminals at the airports are not authorised.


  • The transport operator cannot be held liable for delays due to obstruction related to traffic (traffic jam, non-fault accident, etc.), public demonstrations, weather conditions or due to an event of force majeure. Our frequencies, schedules and travel times are given only for the purpose of indication and can be changed without prior notification.


  • Oversized items (windsurfing board, surf board, skis, bicycles, etc.) are allowed in the hold, subject to availability of room, at the customer’s risk. The transport operator does not take any responsibility for any loss, damage or theft.


  • The transport operator does not provide car seats. You are advised to carry a car seat with you. Failing this, the transport operator cannot be held liable in the event of any incident.


  • Small (less than 5 kg) and harmless domestic animals are allowed on board provided that they are carried in a closed basket placed on the customer’s lap.
  • Dangerous animals, including dogs of 1st and 2nd category, are not allowed on board.
  • Guide dogs for blind passengers are allowed on board. It should be ensured that the animals do not disturb the other customers and/or create a nuisance and/or dirty the coach in any way whatsoever.
  • The animal is the sole responsibility of the customer.


  • Any accident on board should be immediately reported to the driver for the transport operator to be informed of the same.
  • Intervention by fire-fighters is mandatory in case of bodily injury.


  • In the coach, it is forbidden to: smoke, enter in a state of intoxication or uncleanliness; damage or dirty the equipment; spit inside the vehicle; board or deboard the vehicle at points other than the authorised spots; disturb the other passengers and/or the driver; activate or disturb the door opening and closing system; carry flammable, hazardous or illicit substances; sell; ask for collections; distribute leaflets and posters without authorisation; bring food and/or drinks on board the vehicle.
  • The use of mobile telephones or any other noisy or loud devices should be limited in order to avoid disturbing the other customers in any manner.
  • The passengers are responsible for any damage they may cause to the vehicle or to other passengers.


  • The client is fully responsible for his/her personal possessions that he/she carries on board.
  • Any item found must be reported to the driver. It will then be stored at the head-office of the transporter operator where it can be claimed by the owner.
  • Lost property can be returned to the owner either through a meeting arranged at one of the bus stops, or by post at his/her expenses.


  • The checked luggage is the responsibility of the transport operator. Every item in the luggage hold should carry a label mentioning the customer’s name, telephone number where he/she can be contacted and his/her postal address or valid e-mail address.
  • We strongly advise against putting any valuable items in your checked baggage. The transport operator cannot be held liable, in any manner, for the loss or theft of valuables placed in the hold (mobile phones, computers, tablets, jewellery, money, etc.).
  • The transport operator can refuse to carry your baggage if it is too heavy or big, or if it feels that it jeopardises transport safety.
  • Loss/theft of hold luggage: Compensation is limited, whatever be the case, to €500 per unit of luggage subject to the presentation of the following supporting documents: the original purchase invoice of the lost bag, original purchase invoices for the contents of the lost bag, the original ticket of the day of the incident, a report of the loss or theft to the competent police authorities.
  • Damaged and unusable luggage in the hold: Compensation will not exceed €60 per unit of luggage and is subject to the presentation of the following supporting documents: original purchase invoice of the damaged bag, a photo of the damaged bag showing the damage, an estimate of repairs in a leather shop, the original ticket of the day of the incident.
  • Mistaken luggage: Any luggage taken inadvertently by a customer is his/her responsibility. All the resultant costs are to be borne by the customer responsible.
  • In all the above three cases, the customer must immediately inform the driver or the baggage handler and report the incident, in writing, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to our Customer Relations Department with all the supporting documents within a period of three days after the incident. If no complaint is made within the above-mentioned duration, any action against the transport operator will be inadmissible.


  • For any complaint (other than luggage) to be taken into account, it must be sent in writing to our Customer Relations Department within a period of two weeks following the incident along with the original ticket and any other supporting documents that would help to process the complaint. If no complaint is made within the above-mentioned duration, any action against the transport operator will be declared inadmissible.


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  • Ligne 1
    via Gare Montparnasse / Trocadéro
  • Ligne 2
    via Porte Maillot Palais des Congrès / Etoile Champs-Elysées
  • Ligne 3
    via T1 / T2ACDEF / Orly 4 (Sud) / Orly 1, 2, 3 (Ouest)
  • Ligne 4
    via Gare de Lyon

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